Anzer has  been providing clinical based healthcare solutions to the Canadian marketplace for over 35 years and Asian Marketplace for 5 years. Specializing in the research, development, and support of superior software solutions for the healthcare community ANZER is held in high acclaim throughout the marketplace. ANZER windows based modules meet the needs of the ever changing hospital and clinical environments; satisfying the latest requirements and challenges faced by today’s patient care atmosphere.

At a Glance

  • We are proficient in Visual Basic, .NET, Java, J2EE, XML, C++, and legacy languages. We offer applications utilizing Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL and other compatible databases.
  • Our applications are developed with a proven in-house specification and project control system.
  • Our network support group is geared to support the Intel based platforms with primary focus on Microsoft operating systems.
  • We provide hardware, software and licensing services.
  • 25 years of advanced programming experience make us a leader in software development.
  • We offer project work, contract work and contract workers, internationally located remote contract employees (outsourcing). We provide services to Healthcare, Government and select business customers.

The Anzer Team

Anzer's Team is responsible for implementing some of the most advanced solutions in the healthcare industry today. Our wide array of industry certifications provides a solid resource base to tackle today's IT challenges.

Since the nature of technology is dynamic and constant, rapid change is inevitable. Anzer is committed to providing cost-effective network integration solutions that combine the optimal performance of a client's current technology infrastructure and allow for the integration of new applications and technologies as they are introduced in the marketplace.

One of Anzer's major strengths is our ability to integrate today's technology with your technological needs. With a thorough understanding of open systems architecture, Anzer designs, develops and implements information systems that meet market needs today, without sacrificing the scalability and flexibility required when planning for future growth.


A major factor in the success of ANZER has been our ability to provide solutions that not only meet the mandatory requirements within a system, but that are adaptable in order to provide a total solution. This means including those individual components that users ask for which in turn encourage ownership and greater use by all staff.

ANZER is in a unique position offering a level of program flexibility that is unparalleled in the Healthcare Information Systems. ANZER understands that each facility has its own business model that needs to be adhered to. Through our proven situation analysis and project management methodologies ANZER provides every client with a customized version of the primary system that meets their individual requirements.

ANZER’s team of experts will review your facility’s current and future requirements, create a detailed specification of individual site specific requests, and assign time related details and corresponding events to every action. Through this concise process the implementation strategy is designed and presented to the client. This is paramount in addressing the unique information collection and management priorities that patient care centers experience.

Investment and partnership with a sound and proven supplier is key. With over 150 healthcare departments using systems from ANZER HIS, we are positioned to meet the healthcare industry’s immediate and future needs.

                           ANZER is a Key Player

ANZER is a Certified Microsoft Business Partner and ranks as one of the top three providers in North America for service and support of Microsoft technologies. Microsoft Windows based technologies include: SQL,, XML, and Crystal Reports.

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