Our Dedication to Clinical Case Management

ANZER IT Healthcare specializes in Clinical Case Management Systems for the Health and Social Services Sectors. Since the beginning of the design of this product we have concentrated on four core values: clinical usefulness, cost effectiveness , technical excellence and quality client care delivery.

ANZER's solution has been designed to be a real asset in your team’s day-to-day management and delivery of care. Another aspect of clinical usefulness is usability. Our Clinical Case Management System has been carefully designed in consultation with users and practitioners to be easily understood and mastered. Its logic and design are tailored to clinical practice; clinical practice need not be tailored to the system.

ANZER IT Healthcare specializes in providing professional Healthcare Software Systems to Hospitals, Healthcare and Social Services Agencies.

Our software systems meet the needs of the ever changing hospital and clinical environments. The adaptable nature of our programs provides a total solution, including individual components.

Anzer’s Clinical Case Management System is a software application designed for all types of agency programs.

Using this intuitive system provides you and your staff with an effective work-flow, a customizable program and functionality just the way you want. The user-friendly interface requires a minimum amount of training and your staff will be able to start using all the features in no time.

“The Clinical Case Management System is tailored to clinical practice; clinical practice need not be tailored to the system...”

CCMS Features

  • Over 150 different forms, tables and reports
  • All provincially mandated reports produced directly from the system
  • Scheduling System is connected to Progress Notes, which reduces charting time
  • Daily Management Reports for Team Leaders
  • Required Built-in Clinical Assessment Tools
  • Monitors which clients are due for reviews on reassessment and which clients have activities in progress
  • Client’s histories are kept in a comprehensive and easily accessed chronology

View & Download the CCMS Brochure