The ANZER Chart Management module, in essence, is a comprehensive library system facilitating the management and movement of a patient’s full or partial record throughout the healthcare facility in a timely and efficient manner. The CCS software application designed for a variety of Mental Health programs, both inpatient and outpatient.

There are currently ACTT, Case Management, Child and Adolescent, Psycho geriatric and 27 other Mental Health programs using the application at many different hospitals ranging from Court Diversion to Social Recreation. The application is designed to be highly intuitive and user friendly. All familiar paper based charts have been converted to an electronic chart format. There are over 150 different forms, tables and reports available. The system requires a minimum amount of training and your staff will be up and running in no time.

It is crucial for the staff to be aware at all times of the location of a patient’s chart, as well as be able to view in the form of a queue who would like to reserve the chart next. A chart can be signed out by not only a physician, but by a department, a clinic, and even a research study program. Predetermined and customized reports can be generated on all aspects of the information gathered within the system.

Effective Work-flow

There are predetermined time periods for a doctor to complete and sign a patient’s chart. If this is not done the doctor has a number of different ‘deficiencies’ against him/her that are marked in the system. This is a very important aspect of ANZER Chart Management. The medical records department is responsible for maintaining a doctor’s deficiencies and sending them an update letter if they are overdue. ANZER understands how crucial chart maintenance is and has created a unique and time efficient means of managing chart deficiencies.

Functionality the Way You Want

A chart moves around the facility for a number of reasons. One of the most important reasons for a physician to see a patient’s chart is for them to sign or complete a portion of their own notes, or examinations. A number of different doctors may have things to complete with regards to one specific patient. Therefore the charts are continually circulating through the facility exchanging many different hands. ANZER tracks and provides both predefined and customized reports on everything captured in the system for a complete risk management solution.


Keeping it Simple and Accurate

ANZER understands that patient record management is a process that traditionally requires a large amount of a facility’s time and resources. Reducing the heavy workload for all staff is a high priority for any type of facility. Implementing a program that can offer a sophisticated yet user-friendly means of tracking information will be a welcomed change in the clinical environment.

Statistical Reports

The reports provided in the ANZER Chart Management system enable you to produce exactly what your institution requires when you need it. In addition to the standard reports that the system provides, there is a high level of customization that can be done by ANZER, as well as, the institution. Any information that is captured within the system can be displayed in a report format to eliminate manual look-ups.