The ANZER Central Registration module is a comprehensive admitting system that is designed to streamline the process of registering existing or new patients into one or more areas of your facility.

The program allows for a central point where admission creation, discharges, cancel/re-activation of admissions, and transfers of patients into different areas of your institution takes place. An electronic patient record is instantaneously created; housing all pertinent patient information from their demographics through to diagnostics and any relevant historical data. Once this is initialized, the system walks you through a simple step by step process of admitting the patient into the desired location in your facility, tracking everything for fast and effective reporting.

At the core of the Central Registration module is the Central Patient Index (CPI), an on-line, centralized database of all current and historical patient information. The CPI ensures data accuracy, improves data retrieval, and expedites inpatient, outpatient, and emergency admissions.

All of Anzer’s Patient Care applications share the same patient information database. Therefore, no matter what component of the system you access, you will always see the same screens, operate within the same security restrictions, and retrieve data instantaneously.

  • Access is provided to tables for establishing user-defined codes for room numbers, accommodation types, payment responsibilities, physicians, charges, etc.
  • Patient records can be accessed by CPI number (chart number/unique patient identifier), surname, alias name(s), maiden name, previous surname, date of birth, SOUNDEX, or health insurance number.
  • Patient records can be accessed rapidly using a card-swipe mechanism that uses the magnetic stripe on health cards to access the CPI and determine whether or not the patient has previously been registered to the facility.
  • Cancellation capabilities exist, for erroneous registrations.
  • Customized registration forms and embossed cards are available
  • Comprehensive on-line enquiries, standard, and ad hoc reports are provided

Central Registration Technical Support

ANZER It Solution’s Technical Support Team offers friendly assistance throughout the entire process of installation and implementation of the ANZER Central Registration module into your facility.

ANZER commits to the following level of support in order to ensure a seamless system integration that will minimize the disruption of your daily operations.

  • We offer a complete installation and system conversion by our implementation team.
  • Step-by-step training for all staff including users and administrators.
  • Regular automatic software updates
  • On-going support for client questions and trouble shooting