“Linking Maternal Child Programs and Their Partners”

Postpartum Assessment | Infant Hearing Screening | Risk Management Reports/ Invoicing

The HBHC Risk Management Program is a comprehensive risk management tool that electronically captures all relevant birthing and assessment information in order to streamline the information delivery and retrieval process. It was initially created to be an efficient software program that automates the referral process to the appropriate agencies, ensuring that all families leaving the Birthing Centre receive the most effective level of care.

The HBHC Module Today

  • Captures a complete history of an infant’s neonatal and postpartum assessment for permanent institutional electronic records.
  • Captures a complete history of a mother’s labour and delivery information.
  • Captures a complete history of an infant’s hearing screening testing and automatically generates all affiliated reports to be sent directly from the desktop to the appropriate agencies.
  • Provides a total risk management program that monitors tailored hospital statistics, user activity, and infant data for administration purposes.
  • Streamlines all data entry by linking to the hospitals ADT system, as well as other programs that may capture small portions of infant data, so that there is zero redundant data entry.
  • Provides statistical reports and invoices on demand, and they can be tailored to capture hospital specific data.
  • A time saving device that allows clinical staff to focus on more relative issues than data entry.

How will your institution benefit from this program?

  • By the creation of one software program that captures a newborn’s information you are increasing the overall efficiency of the department.
  • By linking the Postpartum (Parkyn Routing) and the Infant Hearing Screening you are receiving a comprehensive series of products in one program.
  • Management has the ability to account for all birthing information by generating tailored reports specified by any previously captured criteria.
  • The program has the capability to accommodate program updates, alterations, and any related components the institution would like to add.
  • ANZER IT will support the program development, and all technical aspects relating to the software.

The Software

  • The security features inherent in Windows 2000 restricting login to workstation computers.
  • Microsoft SQL database security protects data from direct access by unauthorized users.
  • Access is dependent on login name/password. Administrators, in addition to standard security, have the ability to restrict user access to specific regions.

HBHC Software Features

  • Automated pulling of Mother’s admitting information.
  • Drop down fields for all lists and values.
  • Audit Log of complete user activity.
  • Desktop faxing/emailing/data archiving features.
  • Flagging of mandatory fields.
  • Tailored reports for statistical analysis.
  • Status of all faxed/ emailed reports can be viewed in a single report.
  • Legible and secure recording of all infant data reducing possibility of human error.

HBHC Software Interfaces

  • ADT Software
  • Medical Records Software
  • Other Relative Modules