The ANZER Abstracting module receives, edits, and compiles selected patient-specific data for in-hospital and external statistical and remuneration based reporting.

ANZER has included highly intensive edit checks within the program to ensure that vital patient and institutional information is submitted to government agencies in an accurate auditable form, and that reporting turn-around times are rapid. Healthcare facilities can collect and report on the latest ICD-10 information, unique to the institution, using the ANZER pre-defined reports or our built-in report generating tool.


  • Entering Abstracts
  • Recalculating Abstracts
  • Submission: Batch Submission & Re-Submission, Deletion Submission, Correction Submission
  • Reports: Standard and Customizable
  • Table Maintenance: Diagnoses, Disposition, Doctor Types, Doctors, Institutions, Readmit codes, Residences, Services, MFU Diagnoses, MFU Interventions, Proc Techniques, Projects
  • ABSTRACT REFERENCE BOOKS: Contain all the codes set out by CIHI in different folders for quick and easy access.
  • ACCESSING YOUR MOST FREQUENTLY USED CODES: When entering an abstract you can access your pre-defined folder of most frequently used codes with one key stroke, where you can then select the desired codes.
  • ENTERING CUT/PASTE SECTIONS FROM FOLIO: The Anzer system facilitates seamless toggling between Folio and our program allowing for fast and accurate cutting and pasting of Diagnosis and Intervention codes.
  • OPTIONS: Going into Options and then selecting Properties allows you to change some settings, appearance and system functionality. These can be changed at any time. This is also where you address submission options.

Key Features

  • Red: Mandatory. Green/Blue: Date and Time oriented.
  • All tables are built into the system and work in a drop down format.
  • You can start typing in the code number (if you know it) or the words and the program will pick up on your selection
  • Smart features built into the program default you to only relevant fields that correspond with your selection.
  • There is the option to print all of your abstracts and recalculate them at any time.
  • If incorrect information is entered into the system it will prompt you to amend what has been entered and inform you of what is required.
  • Security access features