Software Development

Anzer IT Healthcare can be a part of your systems development team. We can play a large or small role in this process. From the inception of a software application idea, straight through to the system going live, we can create your applications at 60% of your current costs.

We will write the complete specifications if desired, or simply create programs based on already existing guidelines. Our methodologies are so exacting that the entire process is 100% seamless, resulting in the most cost effective approach to specifications and program development.

As an additional testament to our success many of our smaller clients have given up their in-house programming completely and are outsourcing their software development needs to Anzer IT Solutions for considerably less, while profiting from a superior end result.

Anzer IT Healthcare offers flexible options for the
delivery of solutions to the business desktop...

Project Services

We can work with your existing IT staff to provide new solution implementations or augment support functions.

Managed Services

We provide an interface to client management and provide all the resources to deliver support and upgrades to your organization. In most cases we report to one client manager for planning and a designated co-ordinator for daily support issues.

ASP Hosting Model

Under ASP / Hosting Services your application resides in our data centre. High Speed internet connections provide access to your users where ever they are located.

IT Procurement

Choosing the right server or workstation configuration can be a very confusing experience for many. Then, when you need to ensure your office has the appropriate licenses for operating systems, desktops network hardware, the options are staggering to the average user.

Anzer IT Healthcare is a leader in helping clients choose the right solution. We are experts at licensing Microsoft products. The prime purpose in supply hardware is to provide a procurement service to our clients.


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